Alqosh is a small town on the foothill of a mountain north of Mosul. The history of Alqosh goes back to the time when the Neo-Assyrian Empire deported Jewish communities from their homeland to the Nineveh plain. In Alqosh is the tomb of Prophet Nahum, which was an important pilgrimage destination for Iraqi Jews. Prophet Nahum foresaw the fall of the Assyrian Empire. Alqosh became a traditionally Christian settlement early in the 1st century and is to this day one of the most important christian cities in Iraq. Mar Gorgis (St. Goerge) church is the oldest church in Alqosh and is located in the middle of the old town. Close by is another old church Mar Mikha, which is named after an Egyptian monk who settled in Alqosh in the 4th century and founded the Syrian monkhood. East of Alqosh, halfway up the mountain lies the beautiful monastery Rabban Hormizd. The monastery itself witnessed several destruction and reconstruction throughout time. The monastery evolved from rock-cut caves and was established in the 7th century by the Persian monk Hormizd.

Learn more about Alqosh and the beautiful monastery in the mountains with a breathtaking view with us.

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