Aqar Quf

The ruins of Aqar Quf are only 33 km away from Baghdad and hold under its surface the remains of the ancient city Dur Kurigalzu – the capital of the Kassite, who were ruling over middle and south Mesopotamia for over 350 years (1500-1150 BC). Beside the ancient palace and temple walls the most impressive structure to visit is the Ziggurat – a high-standing temple that can be found in many other regions of Mesopotamia. The Ziggurat is made of unbaked mud bricks and despite over 3000 years of erosion due to wind and rain, the Ziggurat stands to this day 57 meters above ground level. Standing high up in the flatland you will understand how astronomical observation started in Ancient Mesopotamia. The ruling Kassites were coming from the mountain area and adapted to the culture of their conquered subjects and carried on their long traditions.

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