One of the most prominent ancient capitals of Mesopotamia that is known – Babylon. Even after the fall of Babylon, when its walls crumbled down to ruins it never lost its legendary reputation. The Bible kept the legendary city in the awareness of human history and spread its legends around the world. Not many other ancient cities are named in modern literature and songs as Babylon. Walk with us through the original procession street where the Ishtar gate was standing. While the blue-glazed bricks are reconstructed in Berlin, you can still see on-site the original unglazed walls standing high up in Babylon. Enter the ancient temples and palaces, where we will share with you the most striking stories that happened in the king’s court of Babylon in different periods. Did you know that Babylon was destroyed at least 3 times during 1000 years? One of the most striking destruction in Babylon happened when an Assyrian King burned his own brother alive in the palace, who he put on the throne of Babylon by himself before. Alexander the great, on his ride to conquer Asia, was so fascinated by the beauty of Babylon that he came back after reaching India to make it to his capital but he died in the palace at a young age. The “Hanging Gardens of Babylon” or the “Tower of Babylon” became so legendary that they were kept in human memory without any visual evidence. Let us uncover for you the myths about Babylon with the latest information that archeologists revealed in the past decades.

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