Baghdad, the capital of modern Iraq and also the capital of the Abbasid Caliphate (750 – 1258 A.D.) is recalled as “The Golden Age” of Islam. Baghdad was founded by the Caliph Al Mansur and was named officially “Madinat al-Salam”, which means the “City of Peace”. 

The past 2 decades showed a very different image of Baghdad than being a city of peace in the aftermath of the wars and conflicts after the international invasion of 2003. Twenty years later the circumstances changed and the city is recovering from the past violence and slowly growing back to a vibrant and energetic city again. Modern and creatively designed restaurants and coffee shops as well as numerous malls opened up because Baghdadis love to go out till late at night.

Nevertheless walking through Baghdad is like time traveling.  To this day one can visit many heritage sites that reflect the time of its glory during the Abbasid Caliphate like the Abbasid Palace, the Munstansaria Madrassa, several shrines and one of the old city gates is left. The city and the region lost it’s power and influence to the known world by 1258 after its destruction through the fast expansion of the Mongol Empire. Only in the 20th century, Baghdad gained back to a prominent city in the Arab World and as the capital of the newly established Kingdom of Iraq, the economy of the city started to increase and slowly more investment into modernization through the revenue of the oil discoveries changed the fate of Baghdad. Despite the regime changes, Baghdad became a pioneering city in the middle east in architecture, trade, art scene, and more. In Baghdad you will find streets and monuments that will show you all up and down the city faced in the past century. The Modern Art Scene in Baghdad was one of the most famous ones for the MENA region and many public monuments display the work of first-class artists. We will stop at some public sculptures quoting scenes from 1000 and 1-night folktales to remember also the legends around Baghdad. We will visit landmarks that represent the political developments of the past century to cover the modern history of Iraq to this day. Do you have a special topic or time period you like to focus on when it comes to Baghdad? Let us know and we will make sure they will be included. 

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