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Erbil, is the capital of the Kurdistan Region in Iraq and is one of the longest-continuously inhabited settlements in the World. Textual evidence from all over the ancient land of Mesopotamia gives us not only information about the past of Erbil but also its older names. The modern-day name Erbil goes back to Urbilum which …

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The Barzan region has the only National Park of Iraq where wild animals and flora & fauna is protected from hunting and deforestation. This region is home of a large cave where numerous skeletons of Neandethals were found and investigation and excavations are ongoing. High up in the mountains is located a small old Christian …

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Amedi, the pearl between the high mountains, is built on a natural plateau about 1,985m above sea level. The nature and high mountains around it are breathtaking in every season. The heritage sites at Amedi reflect interreligious life throughout different periods on a small spot. See with your own eyes rock-cut reliefs on the hill …

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Akre is a beautiful old mountain city that is surrounded by rich heritage and nature. Akre became the capital of Newroz celebrations in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq with a large festival, where young people in traditional clothes walk up the hill towards the ruins on top of the mountains with torches to light up …

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Alqosh is a small town on the foothill of a mountain north of Mosul. The history of Alqosh goes back to the time when the Neo-Assyrian Empire deported Jewish communities from their homeland to the Nineveh plain. In Alqosh is the tomb of Prophet Nahum, which was an important pilgrimage destination for Iraqi Jews. Prophet …

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