Lalesh + Assyrian Monuments

Lalesh is the holiest place and religious center for the Ezidi community. The Ezidi community is a Kurmanji-Kurdish speaking minority spread between Anatolia, North Mesopotamia and a smaller number in Iran. Lalesh lies in a mountain valley and holds in his temple the shrine of Sheikh Adi, a central figure of the Ezidi monolithic religion. Once in their lifetime Ezidis are obligated to pilgrim to Lalesh. The structure of this holy place is like a small village with many houses along the hillsides.

In the area around Lalesh are two incredible Neo-Assyrian Monuments. The rock-cut relief of Khinis where the waters of the river were channeled under the order of King Sennacherib to redirect it’s water to his capital in Nineveh (modern Mosul). Those waters were bridge over the oldest aqueduct of the world at the village Jerwan, where you can to this day see the cuneiform inscription of King Sennacherib.

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