Nineveh was the last capital of the Neo-Assyrian Empire. Local and international archaeologists are back and excavating several parts of ancient Nineveh which were damaged strongly by the terrorist group Daish. The ruins of Nineveh are one of the largest ruins in North Mesopotamia. The occupation of this area goes back to prehistory but it got its importance when it became the capital of the Neo-Assyrian Empire under King Sennacherib. Thanks to the excavation of the palace archive and the translation of thousands of clay tablets we have so much information not only about the Neo-Assyrian Empire but also about the past periods because the scribes were copying old texts that already at their time were over 1000 years old. We will visit different spots at Nineveh and cover not only the ancient period of the city but also how excavation started there over 100 years ago and how it was one of the important sites that started the imperial race between the European museums to compete in collecting as much of impressive ancient objects.

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