Akre is a beautiful old mountain city that is surrounded by rich heritage and nature. Akre became the capital of Newroz celebrations in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq with a large festival, where young people in traditional clothes walk up the hill towards the ruins on top of the mountains with torches to light up the big Newroz fire to welcome the Kurdish New Year. There is much to visit in Akre while walking through the narrow alleys of the old town. Traditionally the city’s inhabitants were Muslim, Jewish and Christian. The grand mosque of Akre is not to be overseen because of its prominent location in the city center with a large dome and 65-meter-high minaret. It also includes a school for Islamic theology. The synagogue of Akre has left no traces anymore and is covered by a private house. On the upper part of the hill, is the Mariam Al Adra (Holy Mary) Cathedral of Akre. A smaller church hides in a man-made cave and is taken care of by a Muslim resident of Akre. The top of the mountain is covered by rock-cut ruins like man-made caves, pillar bases, and water reservoirs.

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