Amedi, the pearl between the high mountains, is built on a natural plateau about 1,985m above sea level. The nature and high mountains around it are breathtaking in every season. The heritage sites at Amedi reflect interreligious life throughout different periods on a small spot. See with your own eyes rock-cut reliefs on the hill of Parthian kings (247 BC–224 A.D.), large old city gate with incredible decoration of a hero slaying a monster from the Zengid Period (1085–1146 A.D.), the royal graveyard of the Bahdinan Emirate (1376–1843 A.D.), the unique Grand Mosque of Amedi, once an ancient temple that is under the ground with several heights, ruins of an old synagogue just behind the mosque, a beautiful active small Assyrian Church of the East, the beautiful ruins of an old Madrassa in between orchades and much more. Beside heritage the city is famous for making the most delicious Tahini in the world. Let us take you to a traditional mill and taste it for yourself. Of all cities in the Kurdistan Region, Amedi is one of the richest in heritage monuments and legendary stories. It will be a remarkable and unforgettable visit.

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