During the late medieval period Mosul was the center that controlled North Mesopotamia as Wilayah Mosul – Governorate Mosul. Unfortunately the city got the world’s attention with the horrific capture of the city through the terrorist group Daaish, who proclaimed it as their capital while keeping Mosul’s population hostage for 4 years. With the liberation of the city, especially old Mosul suffered extremely since the terrorists were hiding in the narrow alleys of the medieval city. But Mosul has more to offer than this tragic period of violence and terror. The rehabilitation of the city is fully ongoing and young people from Mosul are engaged in their community to get the city back on its feet. Heritage houses turned into culture centers and welcoming visitors. Several restoration projects are ongoing on old large domestic houses, churches and mosques. Mosul has the most beautiful architectural evidence of coexistence dating back to the 13th century AD. In the tour, we make sure you will recognize the small details in architecture that will resemble at many sites.

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